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Anthony Lawrence Mosley, The United Kingdom
Graphic Design Programme, Limkokwing University

"This is without doubt a great college to be in. The facilities are great. The lecturers are passionate about their art, and ensure that it's infectious enough for you to get a feel of it. The fact that we are ensured a lot of hands-on industry experience gives this college an extra edge."

"Back home in England, I had not been very successful with my job applications. After working for a brief period in Italy, I made the decision that it was time for me to improve myself. And the one way that I knew would help me gain better career opportunities would be by way of strong academic qualifications.

3rd semester, 3+0* Bachelor of Business Degree Programme, Inti College

"I would also like to point out the superb facilities provided by the College. There is a library where one can find books on almost every topic and computer laboratories where students can search for information on the Internet."

INTI College is a good choice for various reasons. Among them are the quality of education and the reasonable tuition fees. It provides internationally recognised qualifications and offers programmes at certificate, diploma and degree levels. The medium of instruction for all courses is in English and this is an advantage for students who later intend to further their education in countries such as the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom or New Zealand. Moreover most Malaysians speak English, thus preventing any language barriers between foreign students and the locals. With the introduction of the 3+0 degree programmes, I can save more because I can complete my three-year study at INTI College and obtain a UK degree without going to the UK.

Adheel Ismail, The Maldives
School of Business, KDU College

"KDU and Malaysia have added value to my life through its excellent education. It has also made me a better person as it enhances my life's experiences. As I leave for the UK, I will leave with fond memories of the special people and magical moments."

Having been awarded the government scholarship and given the opportunity to choose my place of study, my first choice was Malaysia as I was aware of the number of institutions of higher learning here and their performance through educational fairs and other sources.
The study environment in Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) is very conducive. The lecturers and staff at the respective faculties are friendly and approachable. Equally important is the efficient service of the Student Affairs Department in arranging immigration matters. The college also has strong support services like accommodation services for international students.

NOE. R. MOLEKO [Lesotho, Africa),
Canadian Matriculation Programme, Sunway College

From my experience, I find that life in Malaysia has made me feel at home. It has given me a sense of belonging. The local people are quite friendly and helpful. The food is good since there is a wide variety of dishes available from different cultures. I guess I can say that the culture here is very rich, colourful and exotic.

College life in Sunway is quite an interesting experience. Living on your own in the hostel teaches one to be more independent, more responsible and you also learn to manage your time well. Getting to meet and mingle with the international students is interesting and fun since you get to learn about other different cultures.

FELECIA TANIA (Indonesia) ,
Canadian Matriculation Programme, Sunway College

Things in Malaysia are just great - the people , food, culture and even the school . I can say that the people here are well educated. Outside of school, they learn from the well- mannered community. As Malaysia is a multiracial country, people can learn from each other more and learn to respect each other.........

The system of education in CMP is good. The teachers are helpful. They know how to approach the students' mind and get their interest in such away that the students don't feel uneasy. The courses are excellent. They are well designed –with theory and practice. We are given a lot of homework and assignments to help us to improve and do well.

Fang-Fang, The People's Republic of China
British Degree Programme in Business (semester 4), Nilai International College

" I come from China to study in Nilai College. I enjoy my life here. The environment in Nilai College is very comfortable and suitable for studying. "

There are a lot of facilities for students-common rooms, a library, free internet access, computer labs and canteen. Whenever I face any difficulties, the international office is there to advise me. There are also qualified lecturers to assist us in every aspect-studies, social problems and so forth. I like studying here.

Jia Li, The People's Republic of China
School of Communication, KDU College

"Besides classroom sessions, a lot of activities are also planned for us which makes our student life more interesting. We had a chance to visit attractive tourist spots in Malaysia…………."

I have been studying for about half a year now in Malaysia. During the half year I spent in Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) , I have found the teachers and students to be very friendly and helpful. The environment here is conducive for studying. Besides classroom sessions, a lot of activities are also planned for us which make our student life more interesting . We had the chance to visit attractive tourist spots in Malaysia and enjoy the different cultural experiences through these activities. The college that I'm enrolled in has a good education system and I believe with the excellent education that I received from the college, I will have a bright future ahead of me.

ZHANG WAN LING (China), VUT Business Program

"Sunway College is the best college I have found in Malaysia."

So far, I have travelled around Malaysia and I like this country very much. Most Malaysian people are kind and are ever willing to help people. It is a multi-racial country. I have learnt a lot about different cultures from them. Malaysia is a fast developing country. I have discovered that the Malaysians are very proud of their country and they love their country very much. I have told my friends that Malaysia is a good place to live.

Sunway College is the best college that I have found in Malaysia. My mother is proud of this college too. The lecturers are kind and willing to help students. The college is of high standard. The students can use the library and computer lab any time. The most important thing is that all the students are kind to each other. We mingle and get along with each other well , so the college is just like a big family.

Eric Mohammed Hasan, The United Kingdom, Age 18
Cambridge ‘A' Levels( University of Oxford)

"I am impressed by the college's counsellors who give invaluable experience for students on academic courses or personal-related matters."

"Reputation !" I always go for reputation. This is my main concern in choosing the best for my education. Experienced and committed teaching staff is important to me.
I always wanted to do as well as my friends in studies. I have a friend who managed to enter the University of Oxford to do her degree. I find it amazing. She was a former student of Taylor's College pursuing Cambridge ‘A' Levels. This is the reason why I am studying in Malaysia now. As for myself, I would like to do a degree in Accountancy . ‘A' Levels is a good start and an excellent entry requirement in this field of studies. In addition, I believe ‘A' levels students will always end up in good universities doing good degrees. This is my second reason for choosing to study in Malaysia.

Besides, I am impressed by the college's counsellors who give invaluable experience for students on academic courses or personal - related matters. Helpful and caring teachers of the programme are my main sources of motivation too. Lodging doesn't give me any headache also. As I am a Muslim, I can easily find a mosque nearby.

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